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Typing Tutor Keyboard Masks for Learning to Type

Typing Masks for schools and offices, or anyone wanting to improve their typing skills. Our non-see through Typing Tutors are exactly what you or your class need.



KeySkin® Keyboard Covers are designed to stay on 24 hours a day to protect from dust, dirt, spills, staples, sand, and many other contaminates that could damage your keyboard. KeySkin® Covers are durable and can be cleaned quickly and easily with soap, bleach, most popular health care cleaning products, and a damp sponge/rag to help stop the spread of germs. Are You Protected?

  • Stop Germs by cleaning regularly with even the strongest cleaning solutions
  • Soft to the Touch
  • Strong and Durable for Industrial Use
  • Lasts for Years
  • Easy to Apply
  • Form-Fits Every Contour of Your Keyboard
  • Maximum Protection
  • Unique .10mm Thinness for Excellent Feel
  • Quiets Typing
  • Promotes Hygiene in Hospitals, Dental and Medical Offices, Schools, Restaurants, and more...

Did you know your computer keys may be harboring harmful bacteria?
Read this article by a leading Microbioligist and the BBC about protecting yourself against the germs and bacteria lurking on your keyboard.



Start Here:
First enter MODEL NUMBER of your keyboard the way it appears on the
bottom of the unit to ensure you find the correct KeySkin® Keyboard Cover or Typing Tutor Keyboard Mask.
(The model number can usually be found underneath when you flip the keyboard over)

Please enter a Model Number:
(You may also Search by Manufacturer or Mfg# to see all KeySkin Keyboard Cover
results for a specific manufacterer, For Example: Type in 'Dell', or 'SK-8110' etc.)

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Logitech Y-RJ7
  Logitech Y-SR34  Logitech RT7R13-V:58TW  HP 5187-0341  HP SK2565  Wyse KB-2971

    CompuCover® Custom Dust Covers            Enter Width, Depth, Height and get a price on a Custom Dust Cover
Available In:
Dust Covers

Durable Thick Weave Nylon,
Frosted Vinyl ,
or Outdoor Canvas New!


CompuCover® Dust Covers provide critical protection for your valuable equipment, computers, and electronics. Our quality made to order dust covers offer stylish elegance and the long lasting protection you NEED.
Our covers are made in traditional dust cover frosted anti-static vinyl or durable thick weave urethane backed nylon for extra moisture resistance.

CompuCover® Dust Covers are perfect for Computers, Flat Screen Monitors, Scanners, Printers, XBox, DVD Players, Stereos, Speakers, Amps, Pool Tables, or just about anything!

New! Now you can cover anything OUTDOORS with a quality CompuCover Outdoor Cover for Patio TVs, Boat Gadgets, Hot Tubs, Electronics, BBQ Grills, Air Conditioners, or just about anything outdoors! UV Resistant, Polyurethane backed, rugged Marine use canvas will keep your valuable equipment safe outside from the elements and weather.

Protect Your Investment With a Quality CompuCover Custom Dust Cover


Step 1: Choose Your CompuCover Cover Type:
Standard Cover Outdoor Cover New!
Step 2: Choose Your CompuCover Material and Style:
Material: Style:  


All nylon covers have black trim and are polyurethane coated for extra moisture resistance, Four exciting colors and five different materials to choose from. Outdoor covers made of rugged marine use UV resistant outdoor canvas.
Complete Protection for all your gear by CompuCover Since 1979!

Open in Back
2 in. Down Back - Open
Four Sides - Box

 OPEN IN BACK- Cover has open back for wires etc
 2 INCHES DOWN IN BACK - From top in the back a small 2 in. lip to help cover stay on, the rest open in back for wires etc 
 FOUR SIDES - A complete box with open bottom
 NOTE: -  All dust covers have open bottom
Step 3: Enter Your Dimensions in Inches/Decimal format:

(Example: 12 1/2 inches = 12.5 inches etc.)

in.   Depth: in.   Height : in.

Tip: Add approx. 5-10% extra to Width and Depth to ensure
enough clearance to fit over what you are trying to cover.


Note: All bold fields are required to proceed

Step 3: Click Calculate:      


  Search for a Dust Cover by Entering the MODEL NUMBER:


We have thousands of dimensions for computer products. But if you don't find your Model, just enter the dimensions into our Custom Dust Cover Calculator above and we'll do the rest and manufacture a quality custom dust cover just for you

  TESTIMONIALS: Read What Others Say About CompuCover's Legendary Quality Since 1979  

Thank you for the recent dust cover I received. I am very pleased with the precision and quality of your product and I will recommend your services to my colleges. It is a pleasure doing business with you. -David Tillett

Dear Compucover- I just received my black nylon dust cover for my entire musical system and am very happy with the quality of the cover and the fit. I was glad you reminded us to add an inch or so to the dimensions...duh...I almost didn't think of that. The fit is perfect and I was very happy to have the 2" drop in the back as I have so many wires, it would have been a mess trying to cover them. I am opening a large ballroom studio in a few weeks - still renovating - and was using a bed sheet to cover the very expensive sound system. I was so glad to find you through a Google search. Your product is well constructed, does the job perfectly, and look terrific. It fits right in to the decor. Many thanks. -Ann McElroy

Hi! I ordered 4 custom made covers from you about 6 months ago for my ham (amateur) radio equipment, and they are great. Just the right weight, and the workmanship and appearance is great as well. I am very very pleased, and just ordered two additional covers for a couple pieces of my equipment which had the cheap flimsy covers that came with the equipment. Now all my equipment will have the nice covers! By the way, I wrote a review of your product and put it on one of the amateur radio sites. (Might get you some orders...!) If you would like to see it, its : Looking forward to getting my two new covers. Regards, -Gene Mack

My cover and computer cover arrived on Saturday at last. Thank you for your help. The cover works very well, and hopefully will save me if I spill juice on it again!
-Sally (Sarah) Miller Racine, WI

Wow! Wow! Wow! The cover just arrived and was EXACTLY what I was after! I will definitely use you in the future! Thanks for a great product and service!
Warm regards, - Joe de Foleschampe, Boston

I just wanted to let everyone at Compucover know how happy I am with the work that went into my monitor cover. I had been frustrated with the lack of ready made covers for 20-inch widescreen monitors, but Compucover made that frustration disappear in a hurry. The navy blue cover I received fits perfectly and looks very nice. I am especially happy with the nylon edging, which was a nice bonus that I was not expecting. Furthermore, the price was very good and the turn-around time was minimal. Thank you again. I will certainly use and recommend Compucover in the future. -Mark Macina Austin, Texas

Great cover...prompt service. Thanks. -Ricki L. Geiger, LCSW, CGP Psychotherapist Chapel Hill, NC

I received my order today! All 4 pieces are perfect! Thanks so much! -Deedra Schnaitter

Awesome covers... Excellent craftsmanship, perfect fit, and well worth the price paid... What else can I protect?!? Thanks, -Link

My order was delivered yesterday in fine shape. The covers are exactly what I was looking for but could not find from other vendors who make similar products in very limited sizes. It's so very nice to be able to get this sort of product designed exactly to the size necessary to fit various computer and audio / video products. I certainly intend to tell everyone I know looking for similar products to seek out your company. I am sure I will be looking for additional covers in the future and I will be contacting you. Thank you so much! -Jeffry E. Towers Saint Louis, MO

Hello I wanted to thank you very much for your service. The covers are PERFECT. I am very pleased -- I have saved your web address as one of my favorite locations. Excellent job. Please let the person who made my covers know how satisfied I am. -Bob

Just love the covers --- and I would like you to know the lady that help me with the right model numbers & etc was DOROTHY. She is wonderful and I hope you will let her know. Thanks -Stella Cardwell

I just recieved the item & it was a beautiful custom job. Tell Mary many thanks for a job well done. This is my second order with you, and it has been fantastic. I told many of friends about what professional you at your company !! Thanks again -Bobby

Got my new cover yesterday. It is perfect. Thank you. -Charles Chapman

I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the A1048 Apple protector. It's great and it'll keep my keys nice and clean! It was packaged well and it fits my board really well. Thank you! -Neil Penney




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